Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Girl Emily

Today is Emily's Birthday...she turns 3. We celebrated with a small family party on Sunday, which was an adventure of its own. The party started out fun, the kids were playing, the adults were eating, and of course the Ravens game was on. Emily was rolling around on Zachary's little scooter. And she's pretty fast on it. Until she decides to run it into the lip of the tile, flip over forwards and bust her chin open on the tile. All right in front of me. I didn't think it was that bad until we got it cleaned up and saw how wide it was. Off to the Urgent Care we go for stitches...actually, Mike was sweet enough to take her so I could stay home with the family. We were hoping he wouldn't be that long, so we decided to wait it out and eat cake and open presents when they got home. After he got there and signed in, he called me and said that it'll be about an hour, and that he can come home with Emily so we can at least eat cake and sing to her. So, that's what we did. She came home with a swollen chin to eat her birthday cake and play a round of "Pin the Dot on the Ladybug".

Back to Urgent Care they went. THREE HOURS LATER, after everyone left and went home, she came home with a mended chin (they used the dermabond glue, not stitches) to open her presents. She was so tired! But I took pictures of her anyway.

In this picture, you can see the scooter that Emily was on...blue seat with the yellow handle.

What a day! But, at least it was an exciting birthday that no one will forget. Before the chaos, my Mother in Law got a cute picture of all the cousins:

And here she is showing off her glue:

My girl Emily is the funniest three year old that I know. She makes me laugh on a daily basis, which is good because otherwise I'd go crazy. She thanks me for everything....I love this. I will be emptying the dishwasher and she will come over and say: "Thank you for putting the dishes away mommy." Or when I'm feeding the dogs: "Thank you for feeding the dogs mommy." Saying things like this makes a mommy feel loved....even if it does come from a three year old. Happy Birthday Emily!