Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This Father's Day, I put together a video for Mike. I love doing this....enjoy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Relaxing Weekend Away

First, I want to warn you. This post has lots of pictures. I just couldn't help myself, it was so beautiful there! Oh right, you probably want to know where "there" is. Last weekend, we (as in our family) were invited up to Wellsboro, PA. Dear friends of ours owns a cabin on Pine Creek, which I might add is called the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Now, I'm going to be totally honest with you. I'm not really an outdoor person. I like being outdoors, and I like nature. But, sleeping in a 100 year old cabin with bats, snakes, mice (which you can hear crawling around in the attic) and whatever other sort of wild creatures there are up there did not sound like a fabulous weekend getaway. However, when we pulled up to the cabin, I was just stunned by what I saw. It was beautiful. I didn't forget about the little critters that could be lurking about, but it didn't consume my mind like I thought it would. I had a wonderful time. Hiking, chatting with friends who we don't get to see very often, playing games, and just hanging out with the kids. Speaking of, they have a little boy Chloe's age, a little girl a year and a half older than Emily, and a little boy Zachary's age. They had fun together. I think my nervousness has rubbed off onto Chloe, because she is not an outdoor person either. When we are here at home and she sees a spider, she hits the ground running. And screaming. And flailing. Emily isn't so much, but lately she's been mimicking Chloe because hey, who doesn't want to be like their older sister? (isn't that right Wendy?) I was nervous how she would react to the out-of-doors. And if she would be embarrassed for her new friends to see her running and screaming and flailing. But, she surprised me. Which she usually does in these instances. They played outside the whole entire time. With caterpillars!! Yes, you heard me, caterpillars. She didn't pick them up like her new friends, but she used a stick. Nicely. They even built them a resort out of rocks and leaves on the front porch. It was a good day to be a caterpillar.

I was able to get my run in on Saturday morning, but I was a little nervous. See, the whole ride up there, Mike was telling me about how there are bears roaming around. But not Grizzly's or Kodak bears. Just plain ole' Black bears. Oh, I felt so much better. Ha! I quickly began to rack my brain to see if I'd ever learned what to do if you encounter a bear. I knew that if you came upon a crocodile, you just run zig zag and they can't catch up with you. But somehow I didn't think that would work with a bear. I was later informed that you are supposed to play dead and they'll leave you alone. I wasn't really comfortable with this, but at least I knew. So off I go on my run. If you could only have seen me. It took me a while to enjoy the creek and the beautiful mountains. I was running looking at everything else, making sure I wasn't being stalked by a bear. I was so jumpy, that during my run I came upon a deer that darted across the path right in front of me. I thought for sure it was a bear, and I definitely didn't play dead. I jumped out of my skin and screamed. Yeah, smooth. I don't know who was scared more, me or the deer. After that, I settled down a little and I enjoyed the rest of my run. I ran one mile to the beginning of Turkey path, which is a path UP the side of a mountain. This is what I saw: (I used my phone to take the picture)

Then I ran the mile back to the cabin. Later that day, we decided to hike up Turkey path to the top of the mountain. I think it's a mile one way. So, one mile to get to the path, one mile up to the top, one mile back down, and a mile back to the cabin. For those of you not keeping track, that's four miles. That's on top of the two I already ran that morning. But, we went anyway. With the kids. Crazy? Nah, just adventurous! I had Zachary in a soft carrier on the front of me, Mike had Emily in a backpack, and Chloe walked. Only one of our friends went, and he took his oldest to hang out with Chloe. His wife stayed at home with their other two kids. It was a nice time, except that Emily didn't like being in the backpack so she cried the ENTIRE trip up to the top. We got up there and we didn't even get a picture of the view! Here are some pictures of us on our way up:

Here we are at the top:

Coming back down, we put Zachary in the backpack and Emily just walked with me. She enjoyed that much more. She was very pleasant actually. Zachary fell asleep, and at times Emily started to fall asleep while she was walking. 

We made it home in one piece. Sunday was relaxing, and Mike took Chloe fishing. They didn't catch anything, she wasn't too thrilled when she saw the worms and then heard what she had to do with it. Needless to say, Mike baited the hook. Only once. This is when she saw the little box of worms that Mike had. My little drama queen!

Oh, I almost forgot. On the drive to the canyon, there was a small a tiny creek that ran beside the road. I saw a beaver dam in the middle of one part, so Mike pulled over, got out and took pictures. He even saw a beaver swimming around! 

Here are some other pictures that I took during our stay:

Little Man hanging out on the front porch

Emily enjoying some cake and ice cream

A bat I found crawling around in the grass

Do bats sunbathe?

Bats hanging out behind on of the window shutters

The bridge that goes over the need to take this to get to the path. And yes, it shakes and wobbles!

The view from the right side of the bridge. (I got a nice shot of a fisherman)

The view from the left side of the bridge

A snake in a tree...luckily it was on the other side of the creek

And finally, a picture of the cabin

Whew! No bears!