Monday, March 2, 2009

Our First REAL Snow!

So here it is March, and we finally get some real snow! It's not the kind to make a snowman out of, but it was perfect for snow angels. I finally had time to get the girls outside for a little bit this afternoon. They had fun, and even though their noses were red and they were freezing, they didn't want to come inside! Here is some of their fun.....

All ready to go!

She's so excited!

Chloe making her snow angel

The finished product

Chloe testing out the snow....

It's okay Emily, try it!

Emily has her turn making a snow angel

Okay, so now where is spring????


Dani said...

I know! I've been waiting for this one big snow that we can actually play in! Looks like the girls had fun, where's little man?? :)

Wondersomething said...

Don't you know that in Maryland the winter drags on as long as it can, then we have a week of spring and it's right into summer? The same with fall.