Monday, March 30, 2009

All About Chloe

In honor of Chloe's birthday, I'm going to do a post all about her. She turned 6 this past weekend, and she's excited about being another year older. I'm not as excited, it means that she's growing up and before I know it she'll be asking for the keys. But, that's about me and not Chloe. I'll just save that for another post. 

Chloe is my social butterfly. She is quick to make friends anywhere she goes, young and old. She likes to be the center of attention, she does an awesome singing routine on her stage. (It's actually our fireplace hearth but hey, what do I know?) She loves school, she is very thoughtful, and she still likes to cuddle with me. Happy Birthday Chloe, we all love you so much!

Just Born








Anonymous said...

wow that is a great pic progression she is turning into a beautiful young lady!

Amy said...

I can't believe they are growing up so fast! Where does the time go??? Happy Birthday Chloe!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Chloe Bella! My precious Goddaughter! That was a sweet birthday posting! I can't believe how fast she's growing. I didn't realize you guys were at your new house when she was 2! My gosh, time has flown! I love you guys!!!!!