Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm speechless...I have no title!

Let me start by saying that this week I've had a horrible cold, which I then passed on to Zachary. I feel much better today, and Zachary is sounding less congested, so I hope he's feeling better too. I've been moving in slow motion this week, while also having to attend to Zachary a little more than usual. He just wants to cuddle and sleep, and honestly it doesn't bother me that much. Who cares if the laundry doesn't get done and I have to send Chloe to school with dirty pants on? Emily seems to know that I have not been up to my energetic self...she has been keeping me on my toes all week! 

Here are some highlights:

  • Every time I look at her she has her pants off, diaper off, and working on getting her shirt off. 
  • She got into the pantry, took out all of the cereal boxes, spread them on the kitchen floor and then proceeded to jump from box to box. 
  • I guess this can go with the first one, but I went upstairs to get her from her nap only to see her naked from the waist down, with her diaper on the outside of the gate, with a big mess on the floor. (You know what I'm talking about, right Amanda?)
And today, which is actually funny now and I can't stop laughing as I type. But, believe me, it wasn't funny at the time. We went to Target today to pick up some things and I had my hands full when we got home. I let us into the house, put Zachary down who was happy and awake, opened the ottoman with the toys so Emily would be occupied, and then went back outside to get the rest of the bags which were in the back of the van. I left my keys on the table because, why would I need them when the van is already open? It's just one more thing to carry in my hands. Whenever I go outside, Emily always likes to close the front door behind me and look at me through the glass and giggle. So when I was coming back to the house from the van (again with my hands full) and I saw the door closed, I thought nothing of it. I put down some of my bags and went to open the door, only it wouldn't budge! I tried a couple more times because I thought, there is no way Emily could lock the door, the dead bolt is way too hard to turn. Well, our little girl has gotten stronger when I wasn't looking. She locked me out! With Zachary still in his car seat. Luckily, we have a spare key somewhere (not telling you where) inside a box that you need a combination for. As I sit there, trying to remember the combination, then trying to figure out how to open the box, I panic. What's going on inside? Is Zachary crying? Is Emily doing something from the list I typed above? It was only less than 5 minutes until I got back into the house, but it seemed much more like 10. I finally got inside and it was quiet. Zachary wasn't crying, he was just hanging out looking around. I know what you're thinking, Emily was frantic looking for me, scared and worried (just like her mama). Nope. There she was with her toys, calmly reading a book. Guess who's going to be carrying her keys now just to get the mail?! 

Time to go....Emily's naked and diaper-less again!


Brian or Amy said...

Now that you are a mom of 3 you will learn VERY QUICK - the kids stay strapped in the car until all the groceries are in the house!!! : ) What a fun story!!!

Wondersomething said...

I'm so glad you can laugh at all this because I really enjoy laughing at it too. I love Evil Emily stories!

rene said...
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rene said...

It's in the gene's.

Anonymous said...

LOL! yes this has happened to me but fortunately for me Liam was still at the door and when I asked him to open the door he did. So I did not use the emergency key your speaking of. I know the panick you felt! glad things were ok and nothing happened.