Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mommy Knows All

Last week, Chloe was playing in our living room which is gated off right now because it has her desk in there with all her craft supplies. So of course it is off limits to Emily. Chloe was in there playing under her art easel, teasing Emily who was on the other side of the gate. I was in the kitchen, and was able to look into the living room and see Chloe in the reflection of the fireplace glass without her knowing that I could see her. I asked her to stop playing under the easel because I didn't want it to fall on her. Well, she didn't listen to me the first time, so I used my "serious" voice and told her that she needs to listen and obey and stop playing under the easel. I saw her quickly look up, like I startled her. She said "How did you know I was still under the easel?" I said "Because mommy knows everything." Well, today on the way home from church, I heard a sweet little voice come from the back seat saying: "Mommy, how do mommies know everything?" Hee hee!


Jodie said...

Oh my goodness that is priceless! You better utilize this "secret knowledge" as long as you can!

Dani said...

I can totally picture Chloe's facial expressions. Funny!