Friday, October 24, 2008

I can't believe...

That I filled up my gas tank today and it was only $39! Woo hoo! 

And two posts in one day?!

Emily's Shopping Spree

Today was my day to do a little grocery shopping at Martins, and I had both Emily and Zachary with me. Now that I have two little ones, I have to use that obnoxious cart with the car attached to it. Yes, she loves to ride in it, but I have come to realize that you need to be over 5' 2" to see where you are going! (With the baby carrier on top) If I want to get my shopping done, this is the cart I need to use. Which brings me to the reason for this entry. I use the little scanner thing so I can scan as I shop, and then pay at the end at the express check out. As I go through the store, I usually see people smile and wave to Emily (mostly because she is doing her little princess wave first) but as I was paying and leaving, I noticed the girl manning the checkout station was looking at her a little more closely. Hmmm, didn't think much of it, maybe she likes kids. Now, I can't really see Emily, unless I bend down and peek through the back. I make it to the outside of the store, about to cross the street when I decided to peek in on her to make sure she was okay. Like, if she still had her coat on, still had her juice cup, that sort of thing. So you can imagine my surprise when I see her waving something around.... 2 $25 Outback gift cards! I don't know where or when she picked them up. In my mind I started to see sirens and hear all sorts of alarms going off with big yellow arrows pointing to me. I high-tailed it back into the store, where I approached the same girl that was looking at Emily funny, and handed them to her apologizing for what Emily did. She smiled and thanked me, and I left....a little red faced!

To top it all off, as we ride through the parking lot to our car, she is waving shouting to everyone and anyone who will listen: "Bye, I love you!"For those of you who know me, I am a little shy. So this was an embarrassing situation for me, even so, I was laughing hysterically as I drove away! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For My Mommy Peeps

I was reading my Parenting Magazine today (which I finally finished after 3 days!) and came across this poem which had me and Mike laughing!

Goodnight Mom
By: Sarah Jio

In the messy green family room
There was a telemarketer ringing the telephone
And a crying toddler because his brother just popped his red balloon
And a picture of-

The cow jumping over the moon (which someone colored on with permanent marker)
And there was  a missing teddy bear, and a girl with gum in her hair

And one to be scolded
And laundry to be folded
And a very hungry spouse
And something stinky in the house
(that no one else seemed to smell)

And a comb and a brush and a colicky baby who just won't shush
And a frazzled mommy screaming #*%#@

Goodnight messy room
Goodnight scribbled-on moon
Goodnight cow getting out while she can
Goodnight telemarketers and the popped ballooon

Goodnight long-gone teddy bear
Goodnight cereal bar smeared all over the dining room chair

Goodnight spitup
And goodnight leaky sippy cup
Goodnight much-too-little house and goodnight grumpy spouse
Goodnight comb and goodnight brush
And goodnight to a certain 4-year-old who just needs to hush right now I mean it

Goodnight Elmo
Goodnight toys we'll pick up tomorrow, or the next day
Hello chardonnay and TiVo-
"me" time finally.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mommy Knows All

Last week, Chloe was playing in our living room which is gated off right now because it has her desk in there with all her craft supplies. So of course it is off limits to Emily. Chloe was in there playing under her art easel, teasing Emily who was on the other side of the gate. I was in the kitchen, and was able to look into the living room and see Chloe in the reflection of the fireplace glass without her knowing that I could see her. I asked her to stop playing under the easel because I didn't want it to fall on her. Well, she didn't listen to me the first time, so I used my "serious" voice and told her that she needs to listen and obey and stop playing under the easel. I saw her quickly look up, like I startled her. She said "How did you know I was still under the easel?" I said "Because mommy knows everything." Well, today on the way home from church, I heard a sweet little voice come from the back seat saying: "Mommy, how do mommies know everything?" Hee hee!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!

I would've posted this blog sooner but I've had a migraine all day long (it actually continued from last night)...I'm so glad that Mike had off work today!

2 years ago today I was in the hospital ogling our new baby girl. She was (as I like to call her) my high maintenance baby. She was not a happy baby until she could crawl, and then she was even happier when she could walk, and she was ecstatic when she could run! She is always on the move, always busy with something. She is an affectionate little girl, always quick to give out hugs and kisses.We celebrated her special day by having a family birthday party for her yesterday... what a fun and crazy day that was! Two of my best friends made her a Holly Hobbie (the classic Holly Hobbie, not the new version) birthday cake which was so cute. They also made a yummy chocolate one for me too! Thanks Gina and Jenn! Today my parents took her to Clark's Elioak Farm in Clarksville to pick out a pumpkin. They said that she was so good (what terrible two's?) and she really enjoyed the petting zoo. She had a nice long nap when she got home! I don't have any pictures yet, my dad is having trouble getting them onto the computer. Maybe I'll save that for another post.

Here is a video that I made for her birthday, it's of short video clips of both Emily and Chloe during her first two years:

I had to post a picture of Emily's Holly Hobbie cake, and what she looked like while eating it! Love that blue icing! 

Here's the beautiful cake that they made for me:

This was a tricky picture to get, it took me a while to get them all together....and Emily STILL wasn't looking! :-) 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cold Season Already?

I've been stuck at home with Emily and Little Man for the past week...they are sick with a cold. It makes me nervous when Zachary's sick, he's so little! On top of the cold, Emily is having one meltdown after another. Oh how I love the terrible twos! I wish I could've made it to MOPS today.....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Potty Time

When I am putting the girls to bed, they have a routine in the bathroom that they follow. They both brush their teeth, I help Emily of course, and then they use the bathroom. Chloe uses the big potty, and Emily would pretend to use the little potty that I put in there (She would sit on it for a few seconds with her pj's still on, then get up and say "okay"). It's been up there for a while just so she can see it and become familiar with it, but I never intended to do the whole potty training thing until a lot later since I have my hands full with Little Man. But tonight, everyone was in the bathroom (Zachary was getting a bath, and Mike was helping the girls with their routine) and Mike decided to let Emily sit on the potty without her diaper or pj's on. Well, she did it! She peed on the potty! We clapped, sang, and even did a little dance for her. She was so excited about the whole thing, I hope she understood what it was for! I'm thinking about bringing the potty downstairs (where I am most of the time) and getting some pull ups for her so she can take her pants off by herself. Maybe she will start to potty train herself, will it really be that easy?! Ha!

By the way, I just noticed that I could change the font of my blog (I know, I know, I'm not very observant!) So I've decided to change it, I like this one much better....