Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One Month....Already?!

It has gone by fast, but yes, Zachary is one month old today! As I write this, he's in his bassinet cooing away. It is music to my ears, so precious. So, let me update you on how we've been getting by this past month. We have been getting decent sleep, he'll wake up every three hours to eat. So I am only getting up twice at night, which isn't so bad. I am able to take a short nap during the day if I need too. We are getting used to our daily routine, especially in the morning before school. We have to get up by 5:30 (the bus picks up Chloe at 7:10...isn't that kind of early for elementary school??!!) so I can get breakfast and lunched made. Emily wakes up at 6 when Chloe gets up, so our day starts early. Mike will take Chloe to the bus stop before he leaves for work, and I stay home to feed Little Man (that's what we've been calling Zachary) when he wakes up at 7. It's getting a lot easier for me as the days go by, I'm able to get more done during the day. Something I have to get used to, is to let it go when I can't get something done that I feel really needs to be. It will always be there tomorrow! I am enjoying each day with Zachary and Emily, because something I learned with Chloe is that time goes by way too fast!

Here are some pictures that I took of Little Man during the past few days. His cheeks have gotten chubbier!