Saturday, August 2, 2008

Emily gets "Guck"

Yesterday evening started out to be a usual Friday evening. Although we did take the girls for some ice cream after dinner, mommy was craving a chocolate soft serve ice cream cone from Twin Kiss....Yum!! We got home and let them play for a little before bedtime, hopefully to get the sugar rush out of their system. Well, it didn't work very well for Emily. We usually put the girls down for bed between 7pm and 7:30pm. Last night it was 7:30pm, and Chloe went right to sleep (which is unusual for her). We Thought that Emily went right to sleep too, until we heard her talking and laughing to herself at 8:30pm. Mike went upstairs to check on her, just to make sure she didn't need a diaper change. She was fine, just awake! My bedtime rolls around, which was at 10pm, and as I reach the top of the stairs I hear "Uh oh! Mama, Guck!" coming from Emily's closed door. She must've heard me coming up the stairs. Then I hear "Ohhhhh Gosh! Mama Off!" (she's been saying oh gosh a lot, not sure where she picked that one up) I walked into her room and this is what I see:

Keep in mind that this picture was taken at 10 o'clock at night! Doesn't look one bit tired, does she? 

I guess she was trying to take her pj's off, but she got her arm stuck on one side and behind her back. Then her legs were no longer in her shorts, they were bunched up to one side around her waist. I couldn't help but laugh and I called downstairs to Mike to bring up the camera. After I got her pj's back on, she finally settled down and went to sleep. 

And yes, you'll notice that she is still in her crib! We're still working on it.


Jodie said...

You and Amy W need to share "sugar-high" stories.

Emily is so adorable! I love reading your adventures.

Dani said...

No, she doesn't look tired AT ALL! Oh my goodness, she cracks me up. I'm surprised she wasn't crying about being "guck"!