Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Step Backward?

So, the toddler bed situation with Emily isn't quite working out the way I had planned. It worked that one day at nap time, after that, nap time and bed time were filled with screaming and crying. I decided that it wasn't worth the stress (for me and for Emily). We figured that since we also moved to her to a new room, it was too much change for her. So Mike moved her crib into her new room next to the toddler bed. We'll do it in steps, letting her sleep in her crib until she gets familiar with her surroundings, then we'll try and make the move to the toddler bed. She likes to play and read on it, she just doesn't like the sleeping part. 

And speaking of sleeping, she has cut her naps in half! She used to take three hour naps, then on Monday she went to an hour and a half. It's been that way all week, and I'm trying to adjust. I guess I was spoiled. 

I'll end with a picture of the girls:

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Amy said...

Ohhhh, soooooooooo frustrating! I feel your pain. When we tried to get Abigail out of the crib when Josh was coming she wouldn't cooperate. We had her be set up in her room for so long along side her crib. One day I went out and purchased one of those mosquito net looking things and sewed flowers to it. I went home and hung it and called it a princess bed and she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed that night!

Good Luck!