Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Goodbye Brian and Kristina!

My brother Brian and his wife, Kristina, left for their new home in China today. They will stay there for (at least) 2 years. She was a teacher for Baltimore City, and ready for a change. She recently accepted a job as a Preschool Teacher at an American school in northeast China in a city called Dalian. It's very close a beach, and about 288 miles (1 hour by plane) from Beijing.

Here is a map of where Dalian is in China:

And here is an aerial view of the city:

They were nervous to start this new adventure, but also very excited. Kristina was telling me that she will actually have a fully stocked supply closet that she doesn't have to spend her own money on! I can't wait to hear about their experiences in a completely different culture. They will be keeping a blog of their own, as soon as they get it up and running I will post a link to it. Of course, as excited as I am for them, I will miss them very much! The girls are going to miss them too, especially Chloe. She understands that they are moving very far away, but she doesn't understand how long they will be gone. 
They spent the night last night so Mike could take them to the airport early this morning. They got to our house around 9pm, and I kept the girls awake so they could see them! Our house has never been so rowdy! I finally put them down to bed at 10pm, without any protests. Needless to say, they slept in this morning. I got up early to see them off....I am not good with saying goodbye. It was tough. But, we will see them again soon.

Goodbye Brian and Kristina, we love you!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Little Photographer

Lately Chloe has been real interested in taking pictures with my camera. She's getting pretty good at it!

This was her self portrait

Attempting a self portrait with Emily

Emily loves having her picture taken!

Being goofy with Uncle Brian

She loves her Aunt Kristina


Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Step Backward?

So, the toddler bed situation with Emily isn't quite working out the way I had planned. It worked that one day at nap time, after that, nap time and bed time were filled with screaming and crying. I decided that it wasn't worth the stress (for me and for Emily). We figured that since we also moved to her to a new room, it was too much change for her. So Mike moved her crib into her new room next to the toddler bed. We'll do it in steps, letting her sleep in her crib until she gets familiar with her surroundings, then we'll try and make the move to the toddler bed. She likes to play and read on it, she just doesn't like the sleeping part. 

And speaking of sleeping, she has cut her naps in half! She used to take three hour naps, then on Monday she went to an hour and a half. It's been that way all week, and I'm trying to adjust. I guess I was spoiled. 

I'll end with a picture of the girls:

Monday, July 7, 2008

One Step Forward

For the past couple of months, Mike and I have been trying on and off to get Emily to sleep in a toddler bed so we can free up the crib for Zachary (yes, that's the name we're going with for the new baby boy!). We put familiar things in the bed with her, and put a gate up outside her door. We would try at night only to have her stand at the gate and cry. We would try to wait it out, adding on a few minutes each time only to put her back in her crib. Today, I thought I would be brave, and try for nap time. I checked on her a couple of times, and each time she was out of bed, playing. At least she wasn't crying! The last time I checked on her, 2 HOURS LATER, she was curled up in her bed with a pair of shoes, 2 books, and a plastic phone. Hopefully it will start to get easier from now on. I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

She Makes Me Laugh

This is how Emily entertained herself for a bit this afternoon....see what happens when Chloe's not here to occupy her? If you can't tell in the pictures, she's actually dancing around with the bucket on her head. Then she stops to say peek a boo to me. Oh, and look at her new haircut!