Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Time

Last week we spent some time down in Georgia visiting my parents with the girls. We had a nice time, it was very relaxing. Since it was hot, and I am 8 months pregnant, we didn't go far from home. My mom offered to have Emily sleep in their room, in the pack and play, and Chloe has her own room, so Mike and I could sleep in! On top of that, we were able to find a quiet part of the house and read for part of the day while my parents entertained Chloe and Emily. The girls had a lot of fun too. They went swimming (in their kiddie pool), went on walks to pick blackberries, and played outside on the screened in porch. Chloe learned how to play croquet and how to throw a frisbee. Mike and I were able to go to the movies, and we even went to Barnes and Noble by ourselves! It was nice to browse the aisles at my leisure without having to chase, shush, or bribe anyone. We left for home on Friday, and drove the whole way through, without stopping for the night. (Which we usually do) It was a quiet weekend for us, especially since Chloe stayed down in Georgia with my parents. Since she was 3, she would visit with my parents twice a year for a couple of weeks. She always has a fun time with them, but towards the end of the 2nd week, she starts to miss us and is ready to come home. My mom will fly her home next week and stay for a couple days. Emily has noticed that Chloe is gone, every once in a while she will call for her. It's sweet to see her missing her big sister, what a joyous homecoming it will be!

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Jenn said...

How nice!

I can't believe you're EIGHT MONTHS already!!