Thursday, June 12, 2008


I woke up this morning thinking about the blog that I was going to post today. Something about how very little sleep I got since Emily was up every half hour last night getting sick. Then my thoughts drifted back to Baby Jeremy (who I have been thinking about all week). If you don't know the story, then read this. How can I complain about one rough night of hardly any sleep, when this family went through two months of rough nights? I started to feel ashamed of myself, and I spent the next few minutes in prayer. This family has taught me so much about Love and Faith in God, and I don't even know them. I started to get into a routine and would get caught up in the day to day stuff, that I felt like I was starting to take things for granted. Especially the little things. I have been giving my girls (and my belly) extra hugs these last couple of months, and thanking God that they are healthy. 

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