Friday, April 25, 2008

Poor Emily

Emily definitely keeps us on our toes! After last weeks emergency room scare (she had a febrile seizure in the middle of the night and we didn't know. I just saw that she had lost all of her motor skills) today we had another injury. I was picking Chloe up from school this morning and when we got outside I noticed that she had something yellow all over her face, around her mouth. While my attention was on her, trying to figure out what it was (it was from a dandelion she was rubbing on her face) Emily went on a few steps in front of us. I was just about to catch up with her when she stumbled and fell...on her face...on the concrete! I heard thud, it was awful. She immediately began to scream with blood pouring from her mouth. I got her to the van as quickly as I could, with the attention of everyone in the parking lot. Once I got her in her car seat, I was able to see that she busted her top lip and it was already starting to get puffy. When we got home, she wasn't interested in eating lunch (I wasn't expecting her to) so I gave her some tylenol and put her down for her nap. When she woke up, she was a little cranky, but when she tried to eat a cracker she cried. I guess her front teeth are still sore. As I looked closer, I noticed that she chipped a corner of her front tooth! Poor thing! In the picture, you can't really see how red and puffy her lip is, but you can kind of see that she fell on the left side of her face, it's a bit scratched up. Never a dull moment, what's next?!

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Amy said...

Poor baby! I remember when Abigail fell and chipped her front teeth. It was so sad :( What did the Dr. say about the seizure? Email me and let me know what is going on.