Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scrapbooking Stufff

Some of you may know (and most of you probably don't) that I used to be a Creative Memories consultant. We're cleaning out the basement in preparation for the playroom to be moved down there. I still have a lot of "inventory" that I'd like to get rid of. Albums, stickers, paper, some tools, pens. If any of you are interested, I will GIVE it to you! I typed up a list of things that I have and I will email it to you upon request. First come first served!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Mike's New Car

Well, it has finally happened. Mike got a new car today! I've felt bad for him because he always got the "hand-me-downs" from me. For instance, when Chloe was born, we bought a Chrysler Sebring as our family car. Then right before we had Emily, we bought me a Mini Van and he got the Sebring. He HATED that car, but we (mostly I) wanted to wait until it was paid off to get him something different. Well it would have been paid off in July, but he found a deal now that was too good for him to pass up. So, he went and sold his car on Wednesday. He's been looking for a car for the past couple of years, mainly a Jeep. At work, he found someone trying to sell theirs.Apparently they've been trying for a while because they had to lower the price $5,000 (under the trade in value!) for anyone to show any interest. Mike became VERY interested. It's a Jeep Rubicon Unlimited, so it's the kind that has 4 doors. At first I wasn't too thrilled, the gas mileage, was it kid friendly, the GAS MILEAGE! But, I knew how badly he wanted to get rid of his car and how much he wanted this Jeep. I wonder if he'll let me drive it.....

Poor Emily

Emily definitely keeps us on our toes! After last weeks emergency room scare (she had a febrile seizure in the middle of the night and we didn't know. I just saw that she had lost all of her motor skills) today we had another injury. I was picking Chloe up from school this morning and when we got outside I noticed that she had something yellow all over her face, around her mouth. While my attention was on her, trying to figure out what it was (it was from a dandelion she was rubbing on her face) Emily went on a few steps in front of us. I was just about to catch up with her when she stumbled and fell...on her face...on the concrete! I heard thud, it was awful. She immediately began to scream with blood pouring from her mouth. I got her to the van as quickly as I could, with the attention of everyone in the parking lot. Once I got her in her car seat, I was able to see that she busted her top lip and it was already starting to get puffy. When we got home, she wasn't interested in eating lunch (I wasn't expecting her to) so I gave her some tylenol and put her down for her nap. When she woke up, she was a little cranky, but when she tried to eat a cracker she cried. I guess her front teeth are still sore. As I looked closer, I noticed that she chipped a corner of her front tooth! Poor thing! In the picture, you can't really see how red and puffy her lip is, but you can kind of see that she fell on the left side of her face, it's a bit scratched up. Never a dull moment, what's next?!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You Know Spring Is Here When.....

You walk outside and are hit with the smell of manure. Not fresh cut grass, not the beautiful flowers blooming, not the smell of rain. Manure. We have a farm behind our house that just laid out manure on their fields last week. They do it every year around this time. The weather was so beautiful that I wanted to open all of my windows, but couldn't! Even Chloe asked me, "Mommy, what stinks?!!" The rain that we got this past weekend helped wash away the smell a bit, so it's much better. Now don't get me wrong, I love living here. I love having the farm so close, there are some days when we can hear the cows mooing! During that fertilizing week, I'll just have to keep my windows closed. 

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sex Party at Red Robin

So, we went to Red Robin tonight with our families to announce the sex of the baby. (See previous post) The technician said that she was 100% sure which, to Mike, gave it away. You don't know how hard it was to know that I had the answer all day long. It would've been so easy to peek, and no one would've known. But, I waited until dinner. It was fun tonight, with the anticipation building up. There is no way that I could wait for another 4 months to find out, today was long enough! I guess you all are waiting for me to tell you what we found out. Well, Chloe was right, we're having a BOY! We spent the whole car ride home coming up with boy names with Chloe. Some of them won't even make the list, but she won't know that. :-) 

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is It A Boy Or A Girl?

This is a question I've been getting asked a lot recently, since I'm about halfway through my pregnancy (woo hoo!) . Well, the wait is almost over. We have a sonogram scheduled for next Monday morning, and if we're lucky, we can find out if I'm carrying a boy or a girl. Mike got an idea from one of his co-workers on how to share the news with our family and I thought it sounded like fun. When we go into the appointment, we'll take a piece of paper and an envelope. If the technician can determine the sex of the baby, we're going to ask her to write it down and seal it for us. Monday night, we are going out to dinner with our families and we'll open the envelope together during dinner so we all can find out together. I am counting down the days for this appointment, I just have to know! I've been told by many that this time, I'm having a boy. If we go by what Chloe says, then I am definitely having a boy. "Mama, you are having a boy and his name shall be Samuel." These were her exact words. Anyone else wanna guess?